This web page showcases my professional and creative projects at Sound Ideas Studio in Ocean, NJ.  TV & Radio commercials, clients recordings, and songs from my music catalog are all here.  Our Three Main Services are;       

        ADVERTISING                         RECORDING STUDIO                           MUSIC CATALOG  

      The ADVERTISING page shows examples of television commercials and radio jingles that I created & produced.  Audio, video, and internet capabilities are outlined here.  Anything from local small business commercials on Youtube, to larger corporate projects are discussed.  

      The RECORDING STUDIO page has information on recording your band or solo music at Sound Ideas Studio.  There is an equipment and software list, and examples of clients recordings to hear.  I discuss co-writing, performing, and producing your basic ideas into finished songs. 

     The MUSIC CATALOG page describes the extreme diversity of my original pop and instrumental music. I explore Funk, Jazz, World, Reggae, Ambient, Experimental, as well as  Alternative, Rock & Pop.

     Now   you   can   LISTEN   to  and   PURCHASE   my  music  on  SOUNDCLICK !    



                                       PHONE;      732-822-8849