This web page showcases the original music created by Stephen Keith Clarke of Ocean  N.J.,  as he continues to stretch musical boundaries in his instrumental compositions.  He has 150 recorded instrumental songs and an equal number of Pop, Alternative, and Americana songs with lyrics in his catalog.  As well as writing, recording, and mixing, Steve Clarke is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist on keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion and drum programming.  His instrumental music is very modern and funky,yet artistic and cinematic.  He explores; World, Reggae, Funky, Jazz, Ambient, and Experimental music.  Another part of the finished sound comes from the musical exploration done during the editing & mixing phase, producing an ” ambiance”  that is created over the melodies and chord changes,  Original instrumental music does not need to follow the same rules of song composition or traditional mixing techniques.  Without words and vocals, the instruments can be mixed louder and become the focal point.     


PUBLISHING             300 copyrighted and recorded songs are grouped by musical style, giving easy                                      access to creative directors. All are available for film & television licensing.  

MUSIC CATALOG      Background information on the writing & recording of each CD.                                                                                Listen & download music from the catalog.



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