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Multi-Instrumentalist Stephen Keith Clarke from New Jersey has created a diverse catalog of unique music over the past 20-years.  He lives minutes from famed Asbury Park, but you won't find much of it's influence on his sound.  Style blending instrumental compositions make up half of his recorded music. The rest are alternative & pop songs with lyrics.  Steve Clarke played trumpet from 4th grade through high school and by 7th grade he began piano lessons.  In 9th grade he switched to guitar, studying rock, blues and jazz.  He started writing on 4-track cassette recorders and drum machines. Toward the end of the century he had to adapt to the changes in music technology and became proficient with samplers, synthesizers, and digital recording.  His younger and older brother are both top jazz musicians having studied at Berkley School Of Music and they greatly influenced his writing.
He and a friend from college wrote, recorded, and performed through the late 80's & early 90's as the band Hot Foot, and then as Evolution Boom.  They always pushed musical boundaries by combining various styles in their music as well as using samplers & drum machines in their songs and live shows.  In his 30's, a transition from musician to family man took place, and he did no writing for a few years.  With inspiration from his 2 young sons he traded spirits with his muse, and a floodgate opened.  He began seriously crafting his lyric and song writing, and also recorded a wide range of instrumental music.  By 2011 Steve Clarke had reinvented himself as an artist and had released 7 CD's of Instrumental music, and 4 CD's of Pop music online.  He explores the new technology and sonic capabilities that Pro-Tools allows him. As well as writing, recording, and mixing, he plays or programs all  keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion, and drums.  As a Gemini who wears many hats, Steve found success writing and producing music & copy for over 25 Radio & T.V. commercials for Nike and MTV among other clients.  To date he has 150 copyrighted songs with lyrics, and an equal amount of innovative instrumentals.  Steve Clarke's last CD, My World Trip, was released in 2011 and featured exotic / jazzy instrumentals with modern electronic production, and live musicians, ( bass / drums / sax ).  The last few years of musical exploration have yielded spacey "soundscapes" using synthesizers, as well as many dramatic compositions featuring more electric and acoustic guitar playing. 
Steve Clarke
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